• Experienced Management with progressive & futuristic outlook.
  • Proven record of placement for students in MNCs of higher repute.
  • Advisory board comprising of internationally renowned personalities from Academics, Industries and R&D institutes.
  • Renowned & experienced faculty members acting host guardians of the students.
  • Personality development classes integrated in the curriculum throughout the program.
  • Faculty with hands-on industrial, teaching, and research experience.
  • State of art student supporting facilities e.g. computing facilities, library, hostels, transport and other physical infrastructure of the institute.
  • Committed for creating professionals equipped with right skill and attitude by endowing them with high moral values, sound intellectual powers and refined analytical and decision making skill.
  • Recognized as one of the centers of excellence in technical education.

GRDIET Special

GRDIET campus has a unique academic atmosphere and is a place where faculty members will get to know you as an individual. We place a very high value on the quality of services we provide to our students. With our very comfortable faculty-students ratio, we can assure to help you at every step of the way. Small seminar and tutorials groups give students the opportunity to interact with teachers and fellow students. GRDIET has kept the best of traditional methods and has simultaneously adopted the best of modern teaching methodology.

Some of our characteristic features are:
  • Our “Mentoring System" whereby each faculty member becomes a foster parent to a group of students and closely monitors the performance of the students and attends to their personal problems also.
  • Our use of Information Technology to enhance, not replace, faculty-student interaction.
  • Our well-equipped computer rooms with 24 hrs internet access.

At GRDIET, we continuously strive to maintain a warm friendly and pollution free atmosphere. GRDIET graduates leave the college with more than a degree after their name. Here, they acquire practical skills such as teamwork, leadership and cultural awareness, each of which is an impressive quality from an employer's prospective. In order to maintain strict quality standards, we believe in the "kaizen" or continuous improvement approach. The following quality initiatives constitute our philosophy:

Continuous Enhancement of Teaching Skills

All the faculty members, from time to time, are sent for training to effect the enhancement of teaching skills, so that current knowledge can be disseminated amongst students. We have special personality development programs for faculty members, in order to intensify their motivation level and communication skills.

Teaching Methology

Our teaching methodology includes regular classroom training with audio-visual aids, tutorials in small groups for personalized attention etc. Our faculty members have standardized and documented all their lecture notes, tutorials, and question banks along with suggested answers.

Co-Curricular Learning

After regular institute hours, students are encouraged to enroll for different co-curricular technical courses and personality development programs.