Computer centre

The campus is interconnected with internet & intranet with high speed broadband connection. The Computer centre is fully equipped with latest configured machines linked to a wide range of software, printers, and scanners.

The Main activities of the centralized computational facilities are to:

A state of art, fully air conditioned computer department controls 530 nodes each along with Internet connectivity and equipped with latest software's and hardware. Understanding the need and importance of Internet in the field of education computer department has been supported with round the clock High Speed Internet connectivity of 8Mbps. This department comprises of the various laboratories to offer the latest and front-end technologies in the field of Computer science & Information Technology and enables students to develop the scientific & engineering skills to design & implement computer systems that effectively and efficiently integrate hardware and software technologies.

The department has branded computers from DELL. Each lab equipped with minimum 30 computers The Internet lab is kept open for 12 hours in the day to meet the students requirements. The efficient utilization of software and hardware on LAN a separate Server Room with latest and high-speed servers has been established. The entire computer labs are connected by a high-speed (10/100/1000 Mbps) switched Ethernet network. The department comprises of under mentioned labs and facilities:


Internet Lab: The Internet lab plays a key role to link our students and staff with the world of new technology and information. A separate lab of 30 P-IV is available. The institute has dedicated lease line with the capacity of 8 Mbps.

Programming Lab-I: This labs is dedicated to programming on Windows based environment. All the major programming Language as well as related software's are installed in this lab to meet the requirements of IT sector.

Programming lab-II: The Programming Lab II is common for all first year branches of engineering with every student having accessibility at any time. The Lab. consists of IBM PCs, latest software's which are required for the first year students. i.e Turbo C++, MS-Office, Operating System (Windows XP) etc..

RDBMS LAB: This lab is used for teaching concepts of relational database management system . This Lab is dedicated to Database Applications and software's. All the available front end languages are installed in this lab. For backend all the major database servers like MySql server, SQL server and Oracle 9i is available for students and staff to enhance their skills.

Hardware Lab: A student should know the internal working of every component and technology related to computer hardware. In this lab students learn various aspects of computer field like assembling , networking,troubleshooting and maintenance of PC's , printers and other peripherals.

Operating System Lab: This lab has latest configures WIPRO P-IV based computer systems connected with multiple operating systems. This lab is used for experiments in the operating systems and network security.

Project Lab: The Project Lab is established for final year students of CSE & IT Department for developing their final semester projects. Project lab Provides latest research tool for working on Research Projects.

WI-FI connectivity: The entire college campus has fully Wi-Fi connectivity promoting anywhere everywhere learning. AIET has one of the most technologically advanced inter-connected campuses which bring the network to every desk, with a second layer of Wireless Networking enabling connections anywhere. Over 1000 computers on-campus are connected to the high speed internet.