Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Welcome to the Department of Civil Engineering, a discipline often regarded as the oldest and most diverse branch of Engineering with practice commencing between 4000 and 2000 B.C in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia (ancient Iraq). Ever since, Civil Engineering is associated with design, construction and maintenance of physically and naturally built environment The undergraduate curriculum is designed to mould students into excellent professional engineers by exposing them to different aspects of civil engineering (Environmental Engineering, Geoinformatics, Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Water Resource Engineering and Transportation Engineering) The department has highly skilled faculties with diverse background to nurture the talent of students and for defining new horizons. Apart from this, the state-of-art laboratory facilities and adequate computational power will ensure the all - round development of our students. Keeping in mind the importance of industrial interaction and understanding of practical problems, various workshops and industrial trainings are being organized at regular intervals during the course. This well - rounded educational experience helps civil engineers in planning, designing, constructing and maintaining facilities which are essential elements of modern - day life such as highways, dams, etc. Such an opportunity for exploration provides students the chance to pursue a range of intellectual interests resulting in greater professional success and deeper personal satisfaction.

Courses Offered

B.Tech- Civil Engineering

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Survey Lab Geotechnical Lab
Transportation LabStructural Analysis Lab
Environmental LabConcrete Lab
Fluid Mechanics Lab Solid Mechanicals Lab